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Super Moms & Special Children

As an organization that focuses on helping children and families in need, we take advantage of every opportunity to raise awareness for our cause. After the success of our first book, Tripp Mcqueen, we began brainstorming and thinking about writing another. Now, we are pleased to announce our second book, Super Moms Special Children. This book will be published in 2015 and was written by our very own Justine Jayanna and her daughter Madison Jayanna, a published seven-year-old author. With this book, our goal is to praise the parents and guardians of children with special needs, and to show children and adults that while those with special needs may go through life differently, they are no different than any other individual.

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Tripp Mcqueen By Madison

Tripp Mcqueen is a book written by Madison Jayanna who was a 7 year old girl who wrote the book to help raise funds for a boy with brain injury. The kindness from Madison inspired her with the help of her parents to start the non-profit Giving Foundation for Children. The book helps to raise awareness for Traumatic Brain Injury.

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